Started coding…

Since April, our team of maxers/Java developers have worked on the structure of the research tool/modular instrument that we are building :

- Powerful java presets structure in Max with versions of presets/newly added parameters management/names/dates/scrolling bar/colors :

- Modular structure of the instruments with interchangeable controllers/instrument interface/sound synthesis.
- Automation of all kind of Max-UI-objects and gesture events. (recording, playing, overdub)

… And on the different parts of it :

- Instruments interfaces
- Sound synthesis
- iPad app for a version of the prototype on a set of various iPads put together to have a bigger screen.
- Voronoi algorithm (also ported on the iPad): One of the “moving-tactile-keyboard” is going to be a weighted voronoi surface that will look a bit like this example of the algorithm, below, but more simple!

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